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Our primary facility is the Old Torpedo Factory in NW10, West London. This facility houses our storage, as well as our primary tape digitisation equipment. It is a very secure building by its very nature, but also has keycode access, 24x7 CCTV cameras, intruder alarm system – and automatic fire alarmed linked to the local fire service with guaranteed response time. We have a risk assessment completed for the building x 10 to cover all aspects, with processes in place to cover fire, security etc. In the health and safety policy there is a lot on housekeeping for the building including evacuation reports and an external company does emergency lighting tests each year and electrical maintenance.

The building offers a secure loading bay where content can be unloaded directly from the transport vehicle into a goods in area. At this step material is barcoded and logged into our system, and it’s using this barcode the movement throughout our workflows is tracked.

We understand the importance for a team to be as secure as the process, and so our team comes with first-hand experience in handling content for libraries such as BBC Sport, BBC Worldwide, Volvo Ocean Race, AETN, Promotone and more. All our staff fully understand the needs around protection of our clients IPR, and follow an ISO9001-style process around continuous improvement and escalations.

Cubix manages the content right from this very first scan – and provides full transparency to our clients. Cubix is used daily by Hollywood studios, European broadcasters, large post production facilities in Soho and more – and so has passed the most rigorous security checks.

We are able to house approx. 50,000 units in our NW10 facility as the active library for digitisation.

All our tape and film processing equipment is pro-actively maintained through a regular maintenance schedule. Before being digitised, media always physically inspected and prepped as much as possible to remove the risk of damage during the process. Any item that is deemed not safe / appropriate will be escalated to both the account manager and our client for review on what action(s) should be taken.

All our control systems are cloud based – and have built in resilience and backups as standard. This means we can continue operating the platform even if we lose all power and fabric at our NW10 facility. This also allows us to easily move to another facility as needed for QC and delivery efforts.

Our Media network where high resolution content is stored is isolated from the internet located on a separate VLAN to our office network. Firewalls with packet inspection, protrusion detection and other similar security protocols is in place – and monitored.